Most people come to this page expecting some drop down menus, and a search button… and then POW!  There’s a list of homes.

But here’s the problem:  NO public search tool can give you full and complete instant access to homes.

As a member of the public, you CANNOT see everything for sale in real-time, no matter which website you use.  Some sites display hundreds of homes for sale at any given time.  But nobody is providing you with everything.  We know because we did a LOT of research to try to find something that would.  It’s not out there… yet.

If it WAS available, we would have it on this website.

This 6-minute video explains it in more detail.

The best search tool for the public right now is, which most people think is the real MLS.  But it’s not. receives a partial set of information from our local MLS systems, usually with a delay of a few days.

The good news is there’s a better way.  We can give you FULL and INSTANT access to homes, by plugging your wants and needs into our local MLS system, which is the actual source material and the place that agents use to search in real-time.

These databases are run by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Oakville-Milton District Real Estate Board (OMDREB).  You can even tell where a listing comes from by its MLS number – for example, any listing with a “W” as the first letter comes from TREB.

Since we’re not allowed to give our passwords to these systems, we need YOU to tell us your criteria, and then WE can set up a search internally using the TREB and OMDREB databases.

If you’re ready to get plugged in to the same system we use, just fill in the form and then leave us some details.  We’ll be in touch with you, so that everything is set up properly and you know how to use the system.  We can even set it up to include areas outside of Milton, pretty much anywhere in southern Ontario.

And if you’re still early in the search, that’s okay too.  It’s there whenever you’re ready.  We usually recommend getting started on these updates when you’re less than six months away from buying.

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WARNING: Watching Milton Daily Homes Episodes may cause you to be more educated and save time and money when searching for a new home…