Milton Buyer Class

Helps More Than 650 Buyers Find Their Dream Home...

Buying a home can be a complex process - inspections, negotiations, mortgages. To help ensure that your home purchase is profitable and problem-free, we created a class to teach you the steps and costs involved in buying a home


Next class: TBD

Location:  Charlton Advantage Team office, Milton, Ontario

The class is presented in an information packed two-hour format and held at our office in Milton. Whether you personally own a home or whether this is your first time, you will learn new tips and strategies for getting the best home and the best mortgage.

At the class, you’ll learn:

  • How much home can I afford?
  • Is it better to rent or buy?
  • What are typical closing costs?
  • What government programs do I qualify for?
  • Four reasons getting “pre-approved” benefits you
  • Do I qualify to receive up to $10,000 (or more) of Free Government Money?
  • Can I see my credit report? Is my credit good enough?
  • How do mortgages work? What four things do lenders look for?
  • How can I avoid getting stuck with a bad mortgage?
  • Can I buy a home with no money down?
  • What are the eight steps I should take to buy a home?
  • How can I guarantee my agent will protect my best interests?
  • How can I get the best access to listings (before any other buyers)
  • How can I avoid overpaying for a home? How do I know what it’s worth?
  • What are the differences between new and resale homes?
  • Home inspections – do I need one? What do they look for?
  • What are the most common issues I should look for in a home?
  • What is a lawyer’s role in the process?

We’ll take the confusion away and replace it with practical, down-to-earth knowledge that you can use now. We’ll make it simple. From getting started to getting moved in, we’ll lead you all the way through the process.

There’s no cost to attend, but we do ask for you to bring a Food Bank Donation as your admission ticket.  Seating is limited, so be sure to claim yours early.

At the class, you’ll receive a copy of the Buyer Class Manual to take notes and bring home with you.



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WARNING: Watching Milton Daily Homes Episodes may cause you to be more educated and save time and money when searching for a new home…