This is the Charlton Advantage Real Estate Team. We do a lot of business in Milton and the surrounding areas. In fact, we’re ranked in the Top 100 Realtors in Canada, helping a client move once every three days.

But you won’t see billboards, newspaper ads or bus shelters with our names all over. If you imagine the best restaurant you’ve ever visited, they probably don’t do a lot of advertising. They don’t need to. They deliver serious quality service and food, and let the word spread on its own.

We listen carefully to your needs, and tell you the truth right from the start. We’ll give you materials like the Guide to Milton Prices, that will help empower you and give you the tools to research with (and without) our help.

Our Milton Daily Homes daily videos have been viewed more than two million times over the last five years, and it’s a great way to learn more about Milton and the types of properties available to you. We have a full-time staff member who goes searching for the type of home you want, even before it’s listed. Our team believes in being proactive in your home search, and not just waiting with our fingers crossed for something to come up on the MLS system.

Then, we’ll stay in touch to make sure all the details are handled, like a concierge. There will be SEVEN full-time staff making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. We’ll take care of your food on closing day, and stay in touch if there are any issues. Then long after the transaction is over, we’ll be right there with you, inviting you to learning seminars, family events and showing our appreciation for years to come.

If that sounds like the kind of experience you would enjoy, then just reach out and tell us more about your plans. Let’s see how we can help you.

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WARNING: Watching Milton Daily Homes Episodes may cause you to be more educated and save time and money when searching for a new home…